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Ultrasound Generators by Moroni from 1963

Moroni Ultrasound Generators

The most modern and up-to-date that has been created in this sector. They are the result of continuous evolution in more than 50 years of activity.

Moroni Ultrasound builds ultrasonic cleaning systems since 1963.

It has adopted any technology in the industry: from rotary generators, to SCRs, to existing IGBT generators, from magnetostrictive transducers to the latest piezoelectric transducers with PZT elements, using sintered titanium and zirconated lead and barium ceramic materials.

Fundamental concepts - Principles of operation

note tecniche lavaggio ad ultrasuoni

In the course of 50 years of operation in the sector, we have experienced many uses of our ultrasound equipment other than washing, we are talking about two in particular which are more often applied:

DEGASSIFICATION with ultrasonic transducers

An interesting field of application of ultrasonic transducers is the dissolution of gases in liquids (water or solvents).

In fact, the solubility of the gases in the liquids is determined by Enrico’s law, according to which the amount of gas dissolved in a liquid is proportional to its partial pressure. Therefore the reduction of the pressure caused by the action of the ultrasound generators and transducers involves a lowering of the solubility of the gas, whereby these are released on the surface of the tank.

Action of ultrasonic transducers in the food industry - SONICATIONE

A new trend is spreading in the food industry: that of reducing the use of heat treatments in order to preserve all the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of food products

Food Conservation is based on methods and techniques that have the purpose of slowing down or blocking their natural alteration process, keeping under control or completely destroying the microbial charge.

Food preservation techniques, although with different modes of action, have the common goal of creating an unfavourable environment for the life, development and activity of microorganisms.

Among these innovative techniques is sonication, which involves the use of ultrasound generators and transducers as its principle.