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Turnkey Ultrasonic Washing Centers

Ultrasonic washing centres with self-programming, washing islands are developed by MORONI ULTRASUONI 1963, built and delivered turnkey. All this is done with remote online control with profibus network.

A complete treatment cycle can involve several stations: prewash, ultrasonic wash, drip or spray rinsing, oxidation protection, and drying. Lifting the baskets containing the workpieces to be processed and moving from one stage to the next is made with more or less automated conveyors or bridge wagons, with PLC control up to two axis CN (CN) control.

MORONI is particularly specialized in the manufacture of turnkey ultrasonic washers plants.

Main Features:

Our n. staff performs on-site training courses for the installed machine. Manuals according to EC regulations include all electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic schemes, and flow charts for CNCs are also provided.

The more specific and delicate parts of the plant are designed with explosion so that any repair and maintenance work is possible with the on-line connection.
Scheduled maintenance schedules are planned with component and software updates dedicated.


A first 48 hour sampling test is carried out at our factory in Milan. The same is repeated at the end user during the training course, for the required period of time.