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Goldsmiths, Cutlery Washing

Cleaning of jewelry, silverware, cutlery, and other precious metal items, as well as degreasing of pastes, can be achieved using ultrasonic washers and tanks with aqueous detergents.

Moroni laboratories specialize in the design and construction of ultrasonic jewelry cleaning systems. One of the main challenges in preparing jewelry for subsequent processes such as electroplating, galvanostegia, painting, PVD metallization, or vacuum deposition is the removal of polishing pastes. By using an aqueous detergent and ultrasonic technology, even the most inaccessible parts can be reached, where the polishing pastes tend to accumulate. The ultrasonic action effectively breaks down the trapped grease within the detergent.

Furthermore, the abrasive particles, which were previously adhered to the surface of the items due to the presence of grease, are dislodged and settle at the bottom of the tank.

In the context of jewelry, silverware, and plumbing fittings cleaning, the use of an aqueous detergent proves to be a more efficient and cost-effective solution compared to organic solvent degreasing.

Organic solvents merely dilute the grease from the polishing pastes without effectively removing it. Moreover, as the solvent becomes saturated with grease, the cleaning performance deteriorates. In solvent-based cleaning systems, continuous closed-loop distillation is required to maintain an acceptable result, which leads to significant energy consumption. This leads to significant energy consumption issues. Not to mention the more serious problems of environmental pollution and waste disposal.

Furthermore, at the end of ultrasonic cleaning of jewelry with solvent, typical powder residues are left on the surface of the treated piece. These are nothing but inorganic abrasives (alumina, corundum, etc.) that, not having dissolved in the solvent, require subsequent manual removal (tamping).

Cutlery washing

Goldsmith’s washing

You can wash orifice gold, silver and brass cutlery of all types and conformations

Excellent results

In the removal of working oils, greases, polishing pastes from orifices fittings for taps.