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Large MDV Washing Macchines

Ultrasonic tanks and large washing machines

One of the highlights of Moroni’s ultrasonic tank range is the series of large washing machines, the MDV Heavy Duty series.

There are no limits in the production of large ultrasonic washing machines for heavy-duty applications.

They are used in electroplating, painting, and aerospace industries for ultrasonic cleaning of molds or printing cylinders.

Large ultrasonic washing machines of all sizes are built; we have already built up to 40,000 litres, so do not hesitate to ask for other dimensions.

Along with the ultrasonic wash basins, we provide all the necessary equipment. You can buy baskets, rotors, filter pumps, pneumatic hoists, suction hoods, rinsing tanks, drying ovens.

Lastly, high-automatic lifting plants are produced.

Click on the red numbers of the drawing column to see the details.

Model Design Useful size mm. Power watt Element PZT Heating (Kw) n° MOG
MDV 240 1.200x500x400h 2.400 48 4+2 1
MDV 375 1.500x500x500h 2.400 48 6+3 1
MDV 720 2.000x600x600h 3.000 60 8+4 1
MDV 1.225 2.500x700x700h 3.000 60 8+4 1
MDV 1.680 3.000x800x700h 6.000 120 8+4 2
MDV 2.520 3.500x900x700h 6.000 120 10+5 2