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Ultrasonic Cleaning Application

Some applications of ultrasonic cleaning

Since the birth of the first machines, the applications of ultrasonic cleaning have increased considerably, spreading especially in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Since 1963, Moroni Ultrasuoni has been using the latest technologies in the sector, offering its customers the systems that best suit their needs.

Ultrasonic cleaning applications have no limits: indicated for hydraulic parts, turnings, gears, heavy melds, as for delicate details in precision mechanics and electronics.

Equally effective for cleaning metals, glass, ceramics, plastics. They represent the quickest and cheapest system to remove oils, greases, shavings, filings, scrapings, dust from the most tormented and internal surfaces.

In heavy mechanics the ultrasonic cleaning system is used for washing:

Another very important application is mold washing, which has replaced shot peening and cryogenic treatments, which prove to be expensive, abrasive and harmful to the health of the personnel in charge.

We at Moroni Ultrasuoni have created pulsating wave generators with high power peaks, which ensure a cleaning that does not affect the delicate surface of the mold.

In the rubber and related industries are very well known ultrasound applications with LIFTER washing machines

In Mechanics is the most suitable system for washing:

In the fields of painting and electroplating, ultrasonic cleaning applications are suitable for the degreasing of any type of metal, plastic, glassy part in preparation of the surface for maximum adherence or as a final presentation finish.

In the field of electronics, on the other hand, it is used for washing electrical and electronic equipment, components and electronic boards, measuring and control instruments, wafers for the microprocessor industry, pointing systems, optical fibers, before final testing or even during maintenance.