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Transmitter Generators

Transducer generators for ultrasonic washers of all types and for all applications.


Moroni manufactures ultrasonic generators and transducers that find wide application in industries related to electroplating and painting.

With over 50 years of experience in the field, Moroni’s ultrasonic generators, known as MOG generators, are at the forefront of the industry, utilizing IGBT.These generators have an average power ranging from 1,200 to 6,000 watts and a fully automatic system designed to adapt to various types of baths.

One of their key features is the 32-bit microprocessor control. This allows Moroni’s generators and transducers to adjust to different bath conditions, such as temperature, density, concentration, part movement, and detergent contamination. The generators fine-tune parameters such as frequency, pulsation, power, impedance, and coupling, ensuring optimal results for all possible applications.

You can choose from different operating modes:

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Furthermore, each generator is equipped with a dedicated display where the following information is shown:

  • frequency data,
  • power data,
  • absorption data,
  • faults or malfunctions alerts (such as lack of liquid, high ambient temperature, disconnection from transducers, short circuit on transducers, low or absent power supply)
  • instructions to address these potential issues

Each generator has a DB25 port for remote control (on/off, 4 power levels) and two Ethernet ports for network connection.

Customers will be provided with a CD-ROM containing software for adjusting or restoring the main setting values in case they have been changed for any reason.

PZT Elements (piezoelectric)

PZT Moroni Ultrasonic piezoelectric elements are applied with our unique welding and bonding system on the vertical walls and/or on the bottom of the tanks.
These are ceramic elements (lead barium titanate-zirconate) sintered and polarized at high temperatures to make them piezoelectric. They have a diameter of 50mm, each with a power of 70 watts and high efficiency (over 95%). They have guaranteed mechanical resistance for 5 years.

Moroni also performs the installation of ultrasonic generator and transducer systems with PZT elements on tanks already owned by customers.

Immersible Transmitter "MTRI"

In cases where it is not possible to apply the elements directly outside the vertical walls and / or under the bottom of the tank, the ”immersible transducers” are adopted, i.e. the PZT elements are sealed in a stainless steel box AISI 316 20/10.

Care should be taken in the construction of the box, which is subject to considerable mechanical fatigue due to the vibration energy of the internal PZT elements. So, for years we have adopted a special procedure, certified ISO 9001: 2000:

Particular attention is paid to the positioning of the PZT elements, which must be spaced apart from each other as much as possible. finally, a special heat-conducting material is sprayed onto them to dissipate the heat produced by Joule effect.

Immersible transmitter standard

Model MTRI Dim. face radiant mm. Size mm. PZT Elements Power watt
240 400 x 600 480x630x90h 12 600
320 400 x 800 480x830x90h 18 900
400 400×1000 480x1030x90h 30 1.500
450 500 x 800 580x830x90h 36 1.800
500 500×1000 580x1030x90h 36 1.800
600 600×1000 680x1030x90h 40 2.000

Immersible transducer generators also available for those who want to build a washing machine for their own account. Also In these cases we provide the technology for installation and commissioning, transducer generators will be used in the best way.

Over 50 years of operation in the industry, we have experienced many uses of our ultrasonic equipment other than washing. We talk about two more specifically than applied:

DEGASSIFICATION with ultrasonic transducers

An interesting field of application of ultrasonic transducers is the dissolution of gases in the liquid (water or solvents). In fact, gas solubility in liquids is determined by Henry’s law, according to which the amount of gas dissolved in a liquid is proportional to its partial pressure.

Thus, the pressure reduction caused by the action of the ultrasonic generators and transducers results in lower gas solubility, which is why they are released on the surface of the tub..

SONICATION with ultrasonic generators and transducers.

Sonication is a treatment that has recently gained popularity in the food industry to reduce the use of thermal treatments in order to preserve the nutritional and sensory characteristics of food products.

Food preservation relies on methods and techniques that aim to slow down or halt the natural process of food deterioration, while controlling or eliminating microbial growth. Food preservation techniques, although employing different mechanisms, share the common objective of creating an environment unfavorable for the survival, growth, and activity of microorganisms.

Among these innovative techniques is sonication, which involves the use of ultrasound generators and transducers as its principle.