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Washing Inks

Cleaning printing rollers and ink trays.

Cleaning inks in the publishing industry in general.

In the publishing industry in general, ultrasonic cleaning of printing inks, like the one carried out by Moroni, is increasingly used for the cleaning of printing rollers and inkwells. It also finds application in offset printing, flexographic printing, and gravure printing.

This technique offers the significant advantage of using water-based detergents, promoting the abandonment of organic solvents. Organic solvents are highly toxic and harmful, requiring personnel to wear protective equipment such as gloves, suits, and masks. Additionally, their disposal as hazardous waste poses significant and costly challenges.

Without ultrasonic cleaning, particularly harmful solvents such as toluene, xylene, or phosgene would require significant costs for the construction of treatment plants and the provision of safety devices for the personnel involved.

Ink wash with minimal labor input

Our ultrasound washing machines are increasingly used, and the almost no labor cost is in fact the sole responsibility of the staff is to put and remove the pieces on the mobile platform of the bathtub.

Lastly, with washers in the LIFTER series, the inks are automatic and well away from the staff, in a healthy environment.

Dirty inks are loaded onto a platform.
At START command, automatic:

Inkers wash

Ink wash takes place in water with medium alkaline detergents at a low temperature (60 °) (3-5%).
Low concentration does not leave excessive residues on the treated parts so that many times no rinses are needed.