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Ultrasonic Cleaning Molds

Maintenance and Refurbishment of Molds

Moroni offers systems for ultrasonic mold washing as a viable alternative to other types of treatments such as abrasive sandblasting, cryogenic sandblasting, bead blasting, or immersion/spraying with acidic liquids. This process is less aggressive, especially for delicate parts such as edges, surfaces, or mating surfaces.

Our extensive experience in the field enables us to design washing systems for mold cleaning during maintenance and refurbishment, which can be applied across various industries. These systems find applications in sectors such as rubber, plastic, and aluminum production, the food industry, die casting, sheet metal shredding, and the agri-food industry.

For mold washing, we utilize LIFTER systems, which are suitable for cleaning molds as well as heavy marine engine components weighing over 1,000 kg.

Another example of washing in heavy mechanics: washing molds

The molds are loaded onto a platform. At START command, automatic:

Cleaning the melds with ultrasounds has significant advantages over other systems (sandblasting and pallinating, high pressure water jet, nitrogen or other):

After washing ultrasonic molds generally no other treatments such as rinses, protection or drying are required. For washing purposes, Moroni Ultrasuoni employs a low-concentration alkaline aqueous detergent, which often eliminates the need for rinsing or protecting the metal. Additionally, the hot parts typically dry autonomously within a few minutes.

In other cases, mild washing often requires a complex treatment sequence, for example:

This is all automated due to the heaviness of the baskets loaded with the melds.

Here is an example of a multi-stage conveyor with ORTHAGON conveyor: