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Pneumatic Washing

Ultrasonic pneumatic cleaning is used for valves, distributors, and pistons to achieve thorough and effective cleaning.

Moroni systems and washers are used in both production and intermediate phases for ultrasonic pneumatic cleaning. In the pneumatic and hydraulic sector, the action of ultrasound allows reaching every internal part. In this way, the removal of any foreign bodies, such as chips, filings, etc., is facilitated.

In the maintenance phase as well, it reduces the need for manual labor as it ensures a perfect cleaning without having to dismantle many parts. The washings are carried out using alkaline aqueous detergents at low concentration (3-5%) and moderate temperature (60°C).

Lavaggio Pneumatica Ad Ultrasuoni

In hydraulic systems, Moroni specializes in the ultrasonic pneumatic washing of brake and clutch assemblies, valves, and servo controls.

Furthermore, the use of final ultrasonic washing can be employed as a test to ensure that the product is completely free from foreign bodies that could cause system malfunctions.