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Heavy Mechanics

An example of heavy mechanical washing: cleaning of turbines in maintenance for reconditioning.

Ultrasound Cleaning for Mold, Engines, and Turbines

Moroni si specializes in the development of heavy-duty mechanical cleaning systems using ultrasound technology. We cater to companies that utilize turbines, drilling rigs, locomotives, marine engines, or other large machinery that may require extensive and intricate restoration processes to bring them back to their optimal condition.

An example of heavy-duty mechanical cleaning with ultrasound is the cleaning of turbines during maintenance for reconditioning purposes.
Turbochargers, for example, can be in very poor condition if they have been disassembled after a prolonged period of time. In such cases, ultrasonic cleaning can be employed, with immersion times ranging from a minimum of one hour to as long as 5 or 6 hours.

Moroni Ultrasuoni’s LIFTER systems prove to be ideal for this type of cleaning because they combine the powerful action of ultrasound with specific movements during the treatment. For instance, they can perform oscillations during immersion in the bath, ensuring thorough cleaning of the turbochargers. The system should include a skimming mechanism to remove the surface layer of the bath. This is important to prevent oils and greases that float on the surface (floatables) from depositing onto freshly cleaned parts during the lifting phase. The action of ultrasound dissolves and fragments the dirt on the surface and inside the holes. In the photo, you can see a piece where only the left side has been cleaned.

Before and After:

Another example of washing in heavy mechanics: washing molds

The molds can weigh up to 1,000 kg. and they have to be washed frequently so they have problems already in their handling.

Then the mold is deposited on the platform and then everything is done automatically.

At START command, automatic:

Cleaning the melds with ultrasounds has significant advantages over other systems (sandblasting and pallinating, high pressure water jet, nitrogen or other):

Treatment in heavy mechanics often takes several steps, such as: