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Ultrasuonic Power

The concept of ultrasonic power in washing

Ultrasonic power has a very rich vocabulary. It is combined with several terms: tip, peak, button, peak and away with fantasy.

The power of any apparatus is determined by the law of Ohm P = VxI and must be called “effective or medium power”, in English “AVERAGE POWER”.

Given this assumption, it is very simple to establish the power of an ultrasonic generator: you just need to multiply the voltage (V) that powers it by the current intensity (A) it absorbs, and the result is precisely the ultrasonic power.

Another parameter to take into account is the efficiency of the equipment, which varies greatly depending on the design and components used. Therefore, as a minimum, one should subtract 10-15% from the value mentioned above.

The ultrasonic power we have discussed so far is the power that comes from the generator and is applied to the transducers. That’s why we need to talk about coupling, impedance, resonance, and composite mass with the stainless steel plate to which the transducers are applied.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is advisable to ask the seller to perform practical tests. These tests should simulate as closely as possible the actual conditions of the system you intend to install.

However, be wary of excessively high numbers regarding ultrasonic power claimed by the seller, as it is indeed challenging to obtain objective and reliable values.