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Moroni Ultrasuoni Company
from 1963

Moroni Ultrasound builds ultrasonic cleaning systems since 1963.

It has adopted any technology in the industry: from rotary generators, to SCRs, to existing IGBT generators, from magnetostrictive transducers to the latest piezoelectric transducers with PZT elements, using sintered titanium and zirconated lead and barium ceramic materials.

Therefore, the highest level of expertise and experience is guaranteed, which results in the rapid choice of the system best suited to the needs of the individual case.

In the simplest cases, only one ultrasonic bath can be sufficient to solve a problem, in other cases a treatment cycle must be established that can take several steps, eg:

ciclo lavaggio ultrasuoni
impianti di lavaggio ad ultrasuoni

Once the cycle is determined, after practical simulation tests in the ns. a large workshop equipped with every type of plant, you can decide on any automation with various types of conveyors, with heavy-duty bogie carriageway, step-by-step, with robotic self-learning robots, with LIFTER plants.

The final decision will be taken only when all the possible findings, both from the point of view of results and productivity, will have made the plant unattended, with the calculation of consumption and the cost of production.

MORONI is present all over the world with plants in operation for more than thirty, always fully efficient and up to date.

All documentation for spare parts, electrical diagrams, and functional diagrams of automation programs is retained.

In recent years, ours. research has focused on treatments with water based detergents and we can say that nowadays there is no washing problem that cannot be solved in this way.
All treatments with organic solvents, expensive, dangerous and harmful, have been eliminated with nowadays certain effects on staff and the environment.

By addressing Moronic Ultrasound, you may not be able to buy the implant, but you can be assured that you will be given the most correct and passionate indication of how your ultrasound wash problem should be addressed.