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Principle of Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic Cleaning and Degreasing


Very briefly, the principle of cleaning with ultrasonic cleaning is to create high frequency waves (vibrations) in a tank containing water with detergents.

To achieve this on the walls or on the bottom of a stainless-steel tank, PZT (piezoelectric-electrodes) transducers are applied, in close contact with the steel, which are vibrated at the frequency of 33,000 Hz. And by a GENERATOR .

The vibrations generate in the liquid of the waves that propagate throughout the volume of the tub and come to the surface of the pieces to be cleaned.

These waves have a sinusoidal pattern i.e. alternate a phase (half-wave) of compression and one of the decompression.

During the decompression half-wave, vacuum microbolics (CAVITATIONS) are formed, which in the next compression half-wave implode instantly, reaching pressures up to 1000 bar.

This phenomenon, well-known in hydraulics, creates a mechanical action of crushing any kind of dirt on a molecular level.

What is interesting to our end of the wash is that the cavities also affect the most internal parts of the parts to be treated, the most hidden, unattainable with other systems. The resulting result is absolute and incomparable compared to any other cleaning system, such as spraying, splitting, centrifuging or otherwise.

principio lavaggio con ultrasuoni
Cavitazione Lavaggio Ultrasuoni

The energy for this mechanical action is supplied by a generator, so a classical plant will consist of the following elements:


principio lavaggio ultrasuoni

Why wash with ultrasound

We repeat that the generated waves have a sinusoidal pattern, so that positive and negative semiosis alternate: in the positive phase (compression) the dirt is dissipated, crushed, pulverized and in the negative phase (decompression) it is sucked and removed from the surface of the workpiece.
The washing liquid (water with detergent and then with low surface tension) comes in every part more intimate of the part to be treated and along with the liquid arrive the above wave trains.

Most inward, hidden, inaccessible parts are affected by ultrasound action.

For those who want to deepen the topic, the TECHNICAL page will find all the specific arguments for explaining the phenomenon.