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Electronic Equipment Washing

Cleaning of printed circuit boards, electronic components, optical fibers, and controls

In recent years, the technology used by Moroni has proven to be a valuable application for the electronic industry, particularly in ultrasonic cleaning of electronic boards. The process is carried out using various types of ultrasonic washers, ranging from simple tanks with a few liters of capacity to more complex automated systems.

This type of cleaning can be utilized both during the production phase and for maintenance purposes, ensuring a high level of cleanliness. This is because ultrasonic waves are capable of reaching even the most inaccessible areas, ensuring thorough cleaning. In certain cases, such as the recovery of electrical devices submerged in water, ultrasonic cleaning with isopropyl alcohol can yield truly miraculous results.

Ultrasonic cleaning of electrical devices and satellite components is carried out in a cleanroom environment, with personnel appropriately dressed in protective garments. This ensures a controlled and contaminant-free environment for the cleaning process.

Specifically, among the electronic and electrical devices that can be cleaned using ultrasonic techniques are:

The mechanical action of ultrasound should be modulated based on the delicacy of the piece being treated by adjusting the power output of the ultrasound generator. For better adaptation to the texture of the parts, it is also advisable to vary the frequency (sweep mode).

In the case of washing electronic devices and circuit boards after wave soldering, the pieces are immersed in water and treated with ultrasound while maintaining the dielectric insulation values intact. In extreme cases, such as the washing of silicon wafers in the production of integrated circuits, where the treatment takes place in a cleanroom environment, ultrasonic cleaning plays an irreplaceable role. In these cases, the personnel responsible for the cleaning wear special suits for absolute isolation.