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Ultrasound Cleaning for Small Parts

Lavaggio Minuteria con Ultrasuoni

Needle and Cannule Washing, Fittings, Valves

One of the main services offered by Moroni concerns the construction of systems for washing small parts with ultrasound, ideal for precision metal parts, but also for components of various mechanics, such as fittings and valves.

Mechanical washing varies often require multiple stage treatments:

ROBOT automatic conveyors with ORTHAGON, PASSWAY, LIFTER, etc. are now being used more and more.

Superiority of water detergents responsible to organic solvents in mechanical variable washing

In mechanical washing, the use of an aqueous detergent is much more efficient and economical. It is more preferred than degreasing with organic solvents.

In fact, the solvent dilutes the fat, but does not remove it and as long as the solvent is clean the result may be acceptable, but as the solvent becomes greasy the result worsens. In order to maintain an acceptable result, then in the solvent plants a continuous cycle distillation with significant energy consumption problems is carried out. But even more serious is the problem of environmental pollution. Not to mention the exhaustion of the spent solvent.

Also at the end of the solvent wash, on the surface of the treated part there are typical dusts that are nothing more than inorganic residues (abrasives, sprays, sprats). These, because they are inorganic, are not dissolved in organic solvents and are present on the surface of the part making it necessary to subsequently manual removal.

An example of very difficult mechanical precision washing is represented by the washing of ballpoint pen pins, 0.9 mm diameter, dirty with turning oil, for which it is advisable to use water-based detergents.

Ballpoint pens, 0.9 mm in diameter, dirty with turning oil