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Washing Optical Lenses and Affines

Cleaning of lenses and optical instruments, eyeglass frames.

Moroni company manufactures ultrasonic eyewear washing systems, used in the field of lenses, optical instruments, and eyeglass frames. Moroni provides complete systems ideal for the washing of optical glass, preparation for vacuum metallization, degreasing of metal and plastic frames prior to painting.

In addition to the Sonox tank, Moroni Ultrasuoni offers more complex automatic systems for processes such as painting, electroplating, metallization, marking, etc.

Other manufacturers in the eyewear finishing and washing industry, on the other hand, use Moroni generators and transducers to equip their ultrasonic tanks.

It is possible to use ultrasonic eyewear washing for:

Italy is a leading producer in the eyewear washing industry, optical lenses, and related sectors.

Ultrasonic eyewear cleaning with water-based detergents

In the past, washing machines with fluorinated solvents such as Freon were used, especially for ultrasonic cleaning of eyewear frames with polishing pastes. To reduce the environmental impact of this practice, Moroni Ultrasuoni has developed washing cycles using aqueous detergents, followed by appropriate rinses using treated water (distilled, demineralized, etc.), and drying systems with ventilated hot air.

Today, there are no longer any systems using fluorinated solvents, and every washing equipment manufacturer exclusively uses water with all the necessary precautions.

Classic cycle based on water detergents

ciclo lavaggio ultrasuoni a base di detergenti acquosi

Lens washing with robotic transportor

impianti lavaggio ultrasuoni