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Pulse Mode

Variations in power during ultrasonic cleaning

pulse mode ultrasuoni

The ultrasonic pulse mode consists of a succession of periods of power higher than the normal power by 50-80%, followed by equal periods of zero power. Generally, this adjustment is made when you want to provide significantly increased ultrasonic power compared to the normal power, or when you desire moments of complete silence to prevent the formation of standing waves.

According to the experience of Moroni Ultrasuoni, it is advisable to adopt the ultrasonic pulse mode in cases where an intensified hammering action is preferred over a continuous and uniform action. These are usually cases where the material to be removed is attached to the surface of the object. This is the case for oxidations, calcareous deposits, glazed paints, organic material incrustations or formations.

Pulse mode can be enabled in 3 modes:

Pulse Mode Ultrasuoni

To avoid overloading the PZT elements, a time limiter prevents the button operation from repeating for the same time as it was activated.